We're in the early stage of our relationship which means we're going to need to gather a lot of information from you. We hope this process is painless and will be over soon...then we can get into the real planning and start talking about how to achieve your goals. 

Here's what you can expect from the Graduation Plan. 

1. Discovery/Development Meeting.

Here we'll get to know each other and talk about your short and long term goals. We'll do some data collecting before, during, and after this meeting. Book here

2. Plan Presentation Meeting. 

We'll put together a financial road map for you. Your plan will include actionable recommendations to get you on track. After this meeting we'll be available via email and phone to assist with implementing our recommendations. 

3. Check-in Meeting. 

6-8 months later we’ll have an in-person meeting to see how you’re doing and make adjustments to your plan to get you on the right track. 


This is where the magic happens and where we'll be able to plan out your future. You'll be able to track your plan progress at any time, check in on your net worth, and share documents securely with us (so get those passwords handy!).

You'll shortly receive an email invitation to create a password, then you can log in here.

We'll need you to connect all of your bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, and loans. We've made a short video tutorial to get you started.

We estimate this step will take you about 30 minutes and should be completed as soon as you receive the invitation

Don't forget to give us permission to see your transaction history by navigating to the gear icon in the top right of the screen > Security > Permissions > uncheck the box and save. 


STEP 2: your expenses 

The more information we have ahead of the meeting, the more time we'll have to discuss the fun stuff. 

We will need a clear picture of your monthly spending. While we will be examining your transactions through our planning software, we want to hear it from you. Sit down with your bank and/or credit card statement and fill out Column B of this spreadsheet to the best of your ability. Upload it to the Vault in Right Capital. Please complete this step at least two weeks before your meeting. 

Step 3: Your Student Loan Data

If you have student loans please follow the steps here to get us the necessary information. We'll need a .txt file of your loan data and your credit reports. You can upload these to the Vault or email them. Please complete this step at least two weeks before your meeting.  

Step 4: Your Tax Returns

We need to see your tax return from last year, and hopefully the last two years. Please upload a PDF to the Vault in Right Capital. If you don't have access to your return please email aj@brooklynfi.com and we'll discuss. 

Step 5: Your Credit reports 

We ask that you use a free service called Credit Karma. We need the full reports as well screen shots of your credit health (you'll be sending us four items each: two PDFs and two screenshots) Here's a video that explains the process