Graduation Plan

The scariest financial year in an individual’s life can be the one just after leaving school, when one has to face the shocking reality of adulthood. With this unique package we offer a lighter version of our comprehensive financial planning* that includes:

  • Student loan assessment and refinancing
  • Establishing an emergency fund 
  • Establishing saving habits for retirement 
  • Evaluating credit cards and bank accounts

Think of this plan as a road map for your 20s, a way to start adulthood off on the right foot. 

What to expect

The Grad Plan is an opportunity to set your financial life on the right course. Part education and part evaluation, Grad Plan clients get the benefit of working with a financial planner on specific money issues that may be keeping them up at night. 

  1. Education Meeting. We'll present the tools you need to set yourself up for financial success. In this 90 minute meeting we'll cover investing basics, how credit cards can both help and harm you, the repayment options available for student loans, how to pay yourself first and start saving for retirement even when it seems so far out of reach. We'll talk through your pain points and answer any questions you have. You'll provide us with student loan data, and expenses for us to analyze before the next meeting. 
  2. Plan Presentation. In this 90 minute meeting we’ll get into the nitty gritty of how you should be spending and saving. We'll present a plan for paying down your debt, investing in various retirement accounts. and set a road map to financial independence. 

*This plan is only for individuals who have graduated college within the past two years.