Investment Management

Brooklyn FI is a firm focused on financial planning, and investing is an important part of any financial plan. Upon completion of the preparation of a comprehensive plan, we’ll know how best to utilize the power of investing to accomplish our financial goals. While that plan will include a guide to implementing an investment strategy, some people will want a professional’s hand at the wheel. With that in mind, Brooklyn FI offers a supplementary investment management platform wherein we will help execute the investment strategy we’ve built for you based on your risk tolerance, goals and unique financial scenario. Besides outsourcing this important task, here are some additional benefits of using Brooklyn FI’s platform.

Total Portfolio Approach

401k, IRA, House Account, Emergency Fund, Inheritance and College Fund

Advice on other investment such as your 401k, stock options and 529 college savings plans

Dimensional Funds Advisors

Tax Loss Harvesting

In some years

Tax Location

Taxable, tax-free and tax deferred.


Eventually, the shifting sands of the stock market will cause your portfolio’s investments to vary from the original allocation that we established together. To remain consistent with the overall guidelines we established originally, each asset in which the portfolio is invested may be reviewed at a regular interval, and re-balanced (bought and sold) back to the normal weighting. Re-balancing could incur fees, so we’ll work with you to determine how often we should to incur those fees to keep expenses at a minimum while keeping you on track.

Customized Strategies