Welcome to Brooklyn FI!


We’re so happy to have you as a client!!!! Now we begin the GET ORGANIZED process which will help us get to know you and your money better. But FIRST please carefully review our “How to get the most out of this relationship” document.

Step 2: Get organized

When you signed the financial planning contract with Brooklyn FI you got a flurry of emails! We are a 100% digital firm and have designed a process that we hope is manageable for you.

  • You got one from Precise FP to start the “Get Organized” form. Precise FP is a secure portal that will guide you through this whole process. As you click through each page of the form you’ll be prompted to upload documents, watch tutorials, and set up accounts. Definitely start with Precise FP.

    • You got one from FileThis to create an account. There are directions within the Precise FP form. Once set up, you probably won’t access FileThis again.

    • You got one from Right Capital to set up a profile. There are directions within the Precise FP form.

    • You got one from AdvicePay to set up billing. You guessed it, there are directions within the Precise FP form but it’s always great to get billing out of the way. You'll add a credit card or connect your bank account where you'll authorize AdvicePay to charge the fee on the 15th of every month.

      So what are you waiting for? Open that Precise FP Get Organized invitation and start clicking!

      Give yourself a deadline! Book your Get Organized meeting ASAP so we can assist with this process.

      The more you can get done BEFORE the Get Organized meeting, the better.

step 3: booking time with brooklyn fi

Have you ever played the game Battleship? It’s pretty fun right? But sometimes booking a meeting with someone feels like a hilariously bad game of Battleship. To make things easier we use a solution called Calendly.

Need to reschedule? NO PROBLEM. Do so from your confirmation email. We ask that you give us 48 hours notice as a courtesy.  

We will book our next meeting at the end of every meeting but if something is urgent or you have some news to share, good or bad, please book a quick 30 minute phone chat.

STEP 4: Stuff You Should Know

  1. The best way to reach AJ + Shane is email!

  2. We have a lot of fun on Instagram.

  3. We just love Right Capital so much. It’s powerful and dynamic and easy to use. Things to know about Right Capital:

    1. After the Get Organized phase, Right Capital will be your main login.

    2. We encourage you to use it as a budgeting tool even after the Get Organized process.

    3. THERE’S AN APP, download it.