What is Financial Independence? 

The FI in Brooklyn FI stands for Financial Independence. This is the central idea at the core of our planning practice and really the whole purpose of working with us is to determine what financial independence means to you. We just help you get there faster.

We know something most financial advisors don’t know. That a passion is more important than a salary. We specialize in turning side-hustles into nest eggs.

Do you have an office? 

We work remotely .... and have “offices” all over the city. We can meet you during your lunch break, after work at a cocktail bar (during tax season we have office hours at Yours Sincerely in Bushwick), or at your home on the weekend. We often work remotely, like a lot of our clients.

How much does it cost?

It is our fiduciary duty to work in our clients’ best interests. To do that, we don’t take commissions on any services, investments or products we recommend. Instead, we charge a flat fee. We offer comprehensive financial planning through a subscription model which covers our unique approach financial planning.

Who are your clients?  

We specialize in self-employed individuals. Our clients are freelance writers, graphic designers, touring musicians, real estate agents, start-up founders, lawyers, and software engineers. We work with people taking the road less traveled, like early retirees and members of the FIRE community, and DINKS (double income, no kids). 

What is a financial plan? 

A financial plan is comprehensive analysis of an individual or family's current financial position as well as where they want their financial position to be in the future. The actual plan includes an investment strategy, planning for retirement, planning for large purchases like property and education, recommendations for insurance, estate planing, and tax planning.