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You're probably curious what financial planning actually looks like and are wondering what's expected of you. Brooklyn FI is part of the XY Planning Network, an organization of young fee-only financial planners serving generation X and Y clients. Is that you?

Here's a rough outline of what to expect in the first year of planning.


1) Discovery Meeting

After our first call, you’ll receive a welcome email with an invitation to fill out our comprehensive intake questionnaire. Then we’ll schedule our first face to face meeting at our office, your home, a coffee shop, a bar, your office/studio or via video chat. You’ve probably got lots of questions and we can answer them.

In this meeting we will:

  • Introduce you to the secure systems and programs we use to aid us in creating your financial plan
  • Explain the fee structure
  • Show you a sample financial plan
  • Review your questionnaire
  • Do some initial goal setting


2) Development Meeting

At this point, you should feel excited and confident that you’re taking the first steps towards financial independence. You’ll need to do some data gathering and send us documents, like last year’s tax returns.

In this meeting we will:

  • Talk more about your spending and savings goals
  • Go over your risk tolerance and begin to talk investment strategy
  • Get your feedback on our proposed spending plan
  • Solidify your financial goals
  • Show you how to use our fabulous planning software so you can track your progress

It’s possible we’ll accomplish all of this in one meeting but we may need to schedule a follow-up as well.


3) Plan presentation Meeting

This is the part where we present your plan, a living and breathing strategy map to financial independence. The Brooklyn FI plan outlines paths for business growth, savings and investment growth, retirement planning, and so much more. We’ll give you a print out for good measure, but your dynamic plan will live online and will adjust with you as you make important life decisions and changes.

In this meeting we will:

  • Present our findings and recommendations
  • Reveal a budget and savings strategy
  • Assign tasks to you to improve your overall financial health
  • Answer more of your questions
  • Explain our service calendar with email and phone support


4) Checkup Meeting

While we will be monitoring and improving your situation throughout the year, we want to check in every 6 months or so to make any adjustments to your plan. Maybe you decided you want to buy a home in three years instead of five? Maybe you opened a second location of your business? Maybe you got married or are expecting a kid? We’ll evaluate your goals and set new ones.

Checkup meetings can be conducted via Skype, phone, Zoom, and are optional. When available, we utilize secure digital signatures for all documents.


5) Tax Preparation Meeting

At the end of each year, we'll want to review your income and make new recommendations to help minimize your tax bill. We also offer tax preparation and filing through our partner firm Shane Mason CPA. You can rest easy knowing your taxes are being taken care of by someone you trust.

We’re always an email away and are on call to answer your questions and make adjustments to your financial plan at any time.

Other Services

Graduation Plan

Give yourself the greatest graduation gift: the promise of financial independence. We offer a specialized version of our financial planning programming for a fee of $999 that includes budgeting, student loan assessment, and planning for the future. This plan is tailored to young professionals just starting their first job.


All You have to do is pick up the phone