What We Do

Brooklyn FI can help you get to where you want to be. We help our clients get their financial lives together, make smart moves with the money they have, and make smart plans for what's to come. We advise on a vast array of strategies in our comprehensive financial planning process. This includes:

  • Investments? Locked down.

  • Wanna buy a home? Just say when.

  • Stock options? Inside and out.

  • Credit score? 850 or bust.

  • Cash-flow? We run a tight ship.

  • Tax planning? Our favorite pastime.

  • Student loans? We'll clear your name.

  • Retirement planning? Even for your kids.

  • Starting a business? We've got the map.

  • Employee benefits? We'll hold your hand.

  • Traditional IRA? Roth? SEP? Covered.

  • Insurance? A full needs analysis.

Why Brooklyn FI?

First, the boring stuff.

We're fee-only, fiduciary, comprehensive financial planners. That's a lot of buzz words that basically mean we put our clients' interests ahead of our own at all times (emphasis necessary), we survey your whole financial picture before making recommendations and we only get paid by you, the client, which means we have no ulterior motives. You can even download our pledge to be fiduciaries here. We dig transparency, and we welcome you to ask us all the tough questions.

Now, the fun stuff.

The F.I. in Brooklyn F.I. stands for Financial Independence. The central idea at the core of our planning practice is that money is just a tool to live your best life. 

We know something most financial advisors and planners don’t know—that a passion is more important than a salary. We like to think that we specialize in turning side-hustles into nest eggs.

As financial planners we seek to provide a holistic picture of your net worth and a path to financial independence at any age. We’ll take care of everything from raising your credit score to funding your retirement.

By becoming a Brooklyn FI client you're joining a network of creative professionals who are succeeding, not just scraping by.

Relax, we've got this.

It is remarkable what a change of temper a fixed income will bring about. No force in the world can take from me my five hundred pounds. Food, house and clothing are mine for ever. Therefore do not merely labor and effort cease, but also hatred and bitterness. I need not hate any man; he cannot hurt me. I need not flatter any man; he has nothing to give me... Even allowing a generous margin for symbolism, five hundred a year stands for the power to contemplate.
— Virginia Woolf, A Room of Own's Own

Who We Work With

Brooklyn FI clients come from many different backgrounds--they are musicians, engineers, designers, photographers, activists, doctors, and more. While anyone is welcome, we specialize in helping entrepreneurs in creative and tech fields reach financial independence.