Financial Education and Planning For Employees

Bring the benefits of financial planning with Brooklyn FI to your workplace.

We start with a two hour virtual workshop that covers basic financial topics in an engaging way. Your employees will leave with a better understanding of their own finances and how your company’s benefits program can help them reach financial independence. We also offer individual sessions of one-on-one virtual financial planning as a follow-up to the workshop.

Our workshops are conducted virtually to make it easy to schedule across different teams.


Service calendar

Financial Education Workshop - 2 Hours

  • Savings and cash flow

  • Improving your credit score

  • Best budgeting and banking tools

  • Taxes for employees and freelancers

-5 Minute Break-

  • Investment education

  • Retirement plan overview

  • Retirement plan specifics for your company

  • Benefits review for your company

Individual Financial Planning

Your employees will be invited to book a 75 minute virtual financial planning session with one of our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS.

Ahead of the meeting, each employee will be coached on tracking expenses and organizing their financial lives.

During the meeting we’ll discuss the specifics of the employee’s financial life covering these topics: cash flow and savings, credit card and student loan debt, investmenting, and retirement planning.

What it costs

Financial Education Workshop - $1,600 (limit 20 employees per workshop)

Individual Financial Planning - $700 per employee (optional to your employees)

Team Discounts on Individual Planning

10 employees - 10%

20 employees - 20%

30 or more employees - 30%

Let’s say you have a team of 13 and 10 of them want to take advantage of individual planning. You cost would be:

Group workshop $1,600

Individual planning for 10 x $700 (with 10% discount) $6,300

Total $7,900